1. [All Omega Meshes] Check your region

    Okay, we’ve all been there, have a happy-go-lucky moment, try to do something, and it doesn’t work. Turns out we are in a parcel or region that has scripts disabled, or on a region that is having a bit of a tantrum. Visit another region and try again.

  2. [All Omega Meshes] Check your body

    This seems basic, but a common mistake made is that the mesh is somehow malfunctioning, fear not, it’s easy to test! Attach the HUD that came with your mesh and see if you can make changes using it, the simplist method to try is the alpha settings, try disabling and reenabling a section of the body and see what happens.

    If your body isn’t responding, here are some quick tips to try:

    • [Firestorm Users] Use the new Refresh Attachments option in case a recent TP has caused attachment issues. Avatar -> Avatar Health -> Refresh Attachments

      Firestorm Refresh Attachments

    • Relog (especially if friends/other people say your body is invisible to them)

    • Try a clean copy of the affected mesh

  3. [All Omega Meshes] Is Omega Setup?

    Okay, so there are 4 types of kits, pre-installed, installers, drop-in scripts and relays. First, check what type of kit your mesh takes at (link to supported meshes)

    • Pre-installed:

      Good news! You can skip this step.

    • Installers:

      Installers are really easy to check, inside your Omega System Kit folder, you should have an item named “Omega System Kit - Mesh Brand Name”, attach that and click the Omega Logo that appears on your screen, you should get a message like “feet0: Thank you for Activating the Omega System!” (Yes! Your feet may actually thank you!).

      If you get that message, try again, and if you still encounter problems, head to the next step!

      Don’t worry either, there is no such thing as activating Omega too many times with installers, your body won’t explode from Omega overload!

    • Drop-in Scripts:

      Okay, this is a bit more complex, each body has a different way of installing scripts, sometimes you only need to drop in one script, sometmes you need to install specific scripts into specific parts of your mesh item. Go to the list of Kit Instructions to see how the scripts need to be installed, and use these to double check everything is a-ok!

    • Relays:

      Alright, so some popular meshes, like Catwa and Maitreya have Omega provided via a relay, this must be attached whenever you wish to use an Omega applier, so make sure that is the case.

      It’s attached? Click on the relay HUD on your screen (or if it’s a relay for a Head the gears icon), you can click on the “Debug” button to try a reset of the Omega scripts in the relay, but if you see the menu, you should be okay!

  4. [Omega Compatible Heads] Try the Routing HUD

    Okay, heads have this really neat tool called the Routing HUD